As an integral part of one of our organisation’s objectives, that is: “raising awareness about the importance of the day to day duties carried out by the employees,as well as the hazards encountered by the employees in their regular tour of duty” the Simon Schembri Blue Light Foundation (SSBLF) is pleased to announce the official launch of ACADEMIA.

ACADEMIA, as an online page, will be periodically issuing academically researched articles about topics concerning the services of first responders covered by SSBLF namely: the departments of The Malta Police Force, The Armed Forces of Malta, Emergency Medical Services, Transport Malta, Malta Correctional Services Agency, and the Civil Protection Department.

ACADEMIA articles will be written by established academic lecturers who are actively involved in the education and training of our first responders through different entities such as the Academy for Disciplined Forces, The University of Malta, MCAST and others.

ACADEMIA articles will target both the operative first responder and the general public. For the first responder articles will be an opportunity for professional development. For the general public articles will raise awareness and appreciation of the day to day duties carried out by first responders and their respective obligations.